MLOVE, 5.7.2018-7.7.2018, Future City Campus – Hamburg.

Die offizielle Webpage der MLOVE(.com), berichtet:  „This year, we will celebrate the 10th MLOVE European event, plus the 5th special event if we count the 3 gatherings in Monterey and Silicon Valley. As we like our “Big 5” rhythm, we decided it is time to open our heart and “Wohnzimmer” – our living room: The MLOVE Future City Campus in Hamburg on the water of the river Elbe in the famous HafenCity, a stone through from the amazing Elbphilharmonie. We remain committed to passion for meaning in tech – and we hope you can join us to share, learn & co-create our vision for a better tomorrow.“

Die Co-Founder Aubert Vanderlinden & Lars S. Weiper, repräsentieren die alisPost auf der diesjährigen MLOVE. Die alisPost freut sich über das entgegengebrachte Interesse, die Einladung  zur Teilnahme und das All-inclusive-Paket. Herzlichen Dank an die Stadt Hamburg, insbesondere an Hamburg Invest und allem voran -> MLOVE !